Simply Red simply dead


Omar Epps Yet another case of zombinitis for Dr. House to solve. SPOILER ALERT: the pacient was dead from the very beginning of the episode.


Sean Astin What does a hobbit who got infected? he carries on… walking. (submitted by Guillem Lerma)


Devon Sawa You can cheat death, but not walkers.


Cynthia Nixon Finally a tv show for independent female zombies!


Jasika Nicole Now that the Fringe series is over, we just have to wait for its return from the death…


Paul McCrane quick! send him to the E.R.! … and that’s how all went out of control.


Observer Windmark As the observers appear in every key event in history, seeing one in a zombie apocalypse seems legit.


Werner Herzog In order to direct a good zombie doco, getting some perspective is mandatory. (submitted by @barbampec)


Vladimir Putin Russian and zombie, Mitt Romney is going to get twice as mad!